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Answers to the majority of questions we receive are right here at your finger-tips!

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Please do try to look for an answer to your query here BEFORE you submit a support ticket. We will, of course, be happy to help you if you need us, but why wait for a support response from us if the answer is right here, just waiting for you?!

Note: To find instructions on how to install StatCounter on MySpace for example, please just type MySpace in the search tool and click search!

Getting Started with StatCounter Need further assistance?

If you're new to StatCounter, we know that it can take time to discover all the superb features that StatCounter has to offer. This guide should help you! (Welcome on board by the way!)

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Submitting a Web Ticket - PREFERRED
Please log into StatCounter account, click the "Support" link in the top navigation bar, and submit your query!

Submitting an Email Ticket
If you don't yet have a StatCounter account or if you can't access your account then please contact us using this web form.

Please note - this web form should only be used as a last resort! Submitting a web ticket (as described above) will result in a more efficent service as the ticket is linked directly to your account.

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